Cost-Effective Septic Installation & Repairs in Cochrane, AB


The perfect septic system should be a silent ally, always working perfectly and treating domestic wastewater easily and efficiently.

However, a septic system isn't always perfect. An aged, damaged, improper, or outdated installation can cause a failure. A poor installation can back up your septic system, flood your yard, and create local pollution.

That's where R Kinch Contracting comes in.

You need a team of septic experts who not only can assess and repair an existing system, but who can help design, create, and install a new, efficient system at a rate you can afford.

Septic Installation

Are you a contractor building new homes around Cochrane, AB, and the surrounding areas? A homeowner who needs repairs, replacement, or a new septic system?

If so, then you need to talk to R Kinch Contracting. We provide all the benefits you need for a new septic installation, including:

  • Specific septic system design and installation
  • Customized solutions for your specific property
  • Cost-effective methods designed to save you money
  • Strict adherence to code requirements
  • 35+ years of septic installation experience

When you need a new septic system, R Kinch Contracting is there to help.

Septic Repairs

Does your septic field look soggy? Do you smell interesting odors around your home? If so, you might have a problem with your septic system.

If you suspect anything, call R Kinch Contracting now. A septic repair expert will come out, assess the situation, run your septic system through some troubleshooting tests, and provide you with solutions.

And with our emphasis on cost-effective methods, we'll find you the perfect solution at an affordable rate.

The Septic Experts

As members of the Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association (WCOWMA), R Kinch Contracting can provide you with the septic services you need. Rely on our 35+ years of experience to find you the solution you need fast. Call R Kinch Contracting today at (403) 815-5644 to schedule your appointment.